NCAA Fan Zone

NCAA Fan Zone 1.0.1042

Connect with other college basketball fans


  • Chat with other basketball fans
  • Post comments on teams and games pages
  • Create groups and connect with buddies


  • Requires sign-up through AT&T NCAA Fan Zone

Very good

NCAA Fan Zone is an app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch that lets you chat with other NCAA basketball fans.

March Madness comes but once a year, and diehard college basketball fans need to be prepared when it does. Want to make guesses on who will make the Final Four Championship? Or maybe you just want to discuss your favorite team or that star player you're hoping will get MVP. You can do all that and more with NCAA Fan Zone.

Either way, NCAA Fan Zone will help you connect with other fans to get the discussions going. You do have to create an AT&T NCAA Fan Zone account before you can get your chat on, but once you have it, this app's a great venue to discuss virtually any topic under the sun.

Messages are organized by teams and games. You also have the option of creating private groups and inviting your friends to your groups via Facebook, Twitter, or SMS texting. Alternatively, you can entice your friends by sending posts from NCAA Fan Zone to your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

When the games actually get started, follow them live from your mobile device with the College Basketball Live! app.

For discussing your favorite teams and the most exciting games, NCAA Fan Zone is a must for hardcore college basketball fans.

NCAA Fan Zone


NCAA Fan Zone 1.0.1042

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